Who needs coffee?

Me, I need coffee. At least two cups, but probably three or four.

I am Tracy, a SAHM with two kiddos- Bryan is 4 & Annie is 1.

I was born and raised in NE Ohio, relocating to Central Pennsylvania for a job post Graduate-school. About two weeks after moving, on a straight tequila night, I met my husband in a bar. He’s the best thing that has ever been mine.

I was a preventive conservationist (aka Collections Manager) for a University Art Museum. I was so passionate about my career, convinced that I would be ‘the’ person in the field to follow,¬†published constantly and writing the modern textbooks to inspire a new generation. And then I had Bryan.

My husband is in Healthcare Technology. (Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t even know his official job title.) When Bryan was 18 months old, we made a decision to take our home off the market, abandoning dreams of the large home on the golf course, and I left my career. Long story short (which I am sure I will write about at some point), we got tired of having the ‘whose job is more important’/’who has more meetings today’ argument every time the daycare called that little man was sick and needed to go home. Acknowledging how insanely awesome my husband is at his job, we opted to be a one income household- challenging, though it may be- and now he supports & I manage the family.

Because my background is in the arts, we embrace creativity everyday. My son is all about doing ‘art crafts’, so I imagine you’ll find quite a few Pinterest wins (AND FAILS) on this blog. Both of my children were born prematurely. Thankfully, their complications and health problems are mostly minor but this is also a topic that weaves through my life and will be something I share as well. My husband & I have big homesteading dreams. We might be a couple decades away from reaching them, but I will share with you our attempts at building up this small homestead of ours.¬†We strive to run a household that is free of toxic chemicals. So that is important to me. We also want to feed our bodies healthy, whole foods. We fail miserably at this most days, but it’s a work in progress.

Here you will find all the topics that fill mom-brains everyday:

  • Kids
  • Food
  • Chores
  • Money (saving/spending)
  • Pinterest
  • Coffee
  • Playdates
  • Learning
  • Failing
  • Hopes & dreams
  • Sleeping
  • and probably some poop.

Thank you for stopping by!