Macys Shop for a Cause

Both of my kiddos were born prematurely, at 34 weeks. They each spent their first weeks in the NICU at our local Children’s Hospital. In hindsight, we were extremely fortunate. They are both healthy and have ‘minor’ medical issues related to their prematurity, especially when compared to some of their NICU neighbors. We were blessed by the March of Dimes during each of their hospital stays and raised about $800 for March for Babies this past spring, though we were not able to walk due to icky weather.

A representative from the March of Dimes called me a few weeks ago and asked for our help with a fundraiser event called Shop for a Cause run by Macy’s. During this weekend event, Macy’s shoppers can donate $5 to March of Dimes and receive a coupon for 25% off their purchase, including clearance. (More about that in a moment… because this momma rocked the clearance!!) The rep asked me & my family to visit our local Macy’s to thank the employees for participating in the event. I am so, so glad I said ‘yes’!

She said that some of the March of Dimes families like to pass out little treats, like Hershey’s Kisses, to the Macy’s employees but it certainly wasn’t required. I asked Bryan to help me make thank you cards to pass out, thanks to an easy pin I found on Pinterest. We took some 5×8 notecards I had on hand, and wrote ‘thank you’ in white crayon, then Bryan colored over them with watercolor. They looked awesome and he had fun making them!



Then we purchased some very inexpensive but beautiful yellow carnations at the grocery store, and off we went to Macy’s.


Bryan was very bashful this morning, but Annie was all smiles, as per usual. We walked around the store and passed out our thank you cards & flowers to the employees. We also met the Manager and talked to him a little bit about Shop for a Cause. We shared our stories and listened to a few of the employees share their own experiences with March of Dimes. It was a great morning; smiles were shared all around.

What I wasn’t expecting was to come home with a bag of candy, 4 bags of popcorn, some fun family photos and about $120 in free merchandise. Say what?! This Macy’s (Lycoming Mall, Pennsylvania) was doing their own special activity to coincide with Shop for a Cause, as well as the Little League World Series, currently going on in the neighboring town of Williamsport. We were given cards to be stamped at 4 ‘bases’ around the store. First base- a ‘candy bar’ where we got to make up a bag from candy from a bunch of jars of different kinds. Second base- a coloring table w/ bags of popcorn.


Third base- a fun photo booth.


Fourth base- FREE $10 gift cards for each of us! YES!!! I mean really, how awesome is that?? We were given $40 in free gifts, on top of candy, popcorn and fun, and we were there specifically to thank them & give them treats. So, mommy did some shopping… and check out this haul:


Bryan got 5 t-shirts & two pairs of pants; not pictured are two pairs of jammies for Annie and a Star Wars Snackeez cup. Out of pocket I paid $6.88, and that included a $5 donation to March of Dimes.

I was really impressed by Macy’s! Shop for a Cause is a great event, and our Lycoming Mall store did a fabulous job going above & beyond. 25% off INCLUDING clearance is a great deal for customers. It’s a win for March of Dimes; the store manager said that they had already collected about $1000 in donations and the event wasn’t even half over yet. Mostly, I was impressed by the store employees. Not only were they all aware of the event, but they spoke with such pride in their employeer and their participation in this amazing cause. Cheers Macys, we will be back!



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