Preschool Science Lab


I am a HUGE fan of activities that encourage my active boy to sit down & play… for as long as possible. In the morning he is all about art crafts, but today I just didn’t have it in me. We played with Crayola Model Magic for a bit, but it wasn’t holding his attention. So, I made him a science lab!

There are a few things awesome about this:

  1. I had all the items needed on hand in the kitchen.
  2. I didn’t have to understand or explain a thing about science.
  3. He LOVED it!

This was all about exploration, which I feel is super important for a four year old. Hands-on, experimenting, playing, STEM, creating- this is how Bryan learns. He will receive structured learning when he starts preschool next week. I am ready to pass on the torch to Mrs. Smith and start focusing just on having fun with learning at home.


You can use anything you have on hand really to set-up a preschool science lab. I almost threw out these aluminum cupcake pans when we cleaned out our basement last week, but I’m glad I held onto them. They were perfect trays for the ‘solutions’, but bowls or a metal cupcake pan would work just as well. I picked liquids that I knew would react in different ways with each other: water & vinegar w/ food coloring, vegetable oil, dish soap, salt water (one heavy with salt and one with less salt), and dish soap; and then added pepper, salt & baking soda. I had a couple eye droppers saved from medications and some plastic measuring spoons- voila!

Did he enjoy it? I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!







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