Learning Day: Rainforest


My 4 year old is starting preschool next week… ekkk!! Where the heck has the time gone??

I am excited for him because he LOVES to learn. Well, he loves to learn on his terms. We’ll see how this whole formalized education business goes. For the last year I have been doing some ‘lightweight’ home preschooling. I say ‘lightweight’ because I have been very inconsistent with how often we do lessons, but when we do get into exploring a topic I almost always follow the same format: Learn It (worksheets), Do It (experiments, STEM), Make It (arts/crafts), Watch It, Read It, Eat It , Play It.

Last Night we read Usborne Book’s ‘Lift the Flap- General Knowledge’ (LOVE this book) and one of the flaps inspired our Learning Day today: Rainforests.

Learn It (worksheets)

  • I am a fan of the FREE Alphabet Worksheets from This Reading Mama . They are top notch, and free and fun and did I mention free? We did letter ‘R’ for Rainforest. (We have not been following the alphabet from A to Z; we skip around and are more focused on topic learning.)
  • I am also in love with Lavinia Pop and anything & everything she creates. There are many free printables on her blog & some super awesome stuff in her Teachers Pay Teachers store. (If you aren’t addicted to TPT yet, sit down with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and give yourself, oh, three hours to look around.) We did her ‘R’ alphabet letter find. (I just noticed that we didn’t count how many of each upper & lowercase he found. Oops.)


  • After we watched a YouTube video on rainforests (shared below), we did this worksheet on the layers of life in a rainforest from The Mailbox. I read the clues and Bryan glued each animal in the correct place.


Do It (experiments, STEM)

  • I gotta say, it doesn’t get any easier than this molting experiment from E if for Explore! I mean, really… if you are doing an art craft w/ glue anyway, chances are you will both end up covered in glue. And that was it for experiments today because I took two kids to two different groceries this morning! Why yes, I am SuperMom!

Make It (arts/crafts)

  • This is Bryan’s favorite category! We started with a (relatively) easy chameleon craft from Tippytoe Crafts. Little tip: You will need to find a clip art pic of a chameleon to trace onto the top paper plate. Pick something SUPER basic without a lot of intricate details.


  • Then we kicked it up a notch on the difficulty scale with this Rainstick craft from School Time Snippets. I added the pins to the paper towel roll myself (saved us a couple boxes of band-aids vs. if Bryan did it himself) and I thought I had added enough, but it really could have used some more.
  • We finished up the crafts with a special monkey hand painting (Craft Morning) for Daddy. We took some artistic liberties. We call him ‘Long Neck Monkey’; he lives so deep inside the rainforest that his breed hasn’t been discovered yet.


Watch It

Watch It is almost always YouTube videos on our topic, Magic School Bus or Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes. (Rocking it old skool.) Today we watched:

Read It

  • Today’s ‘Read It’ was a little less reading… and a little more looking up great books & adding them to our Amazon Wish List. Eh, we had already run to two groceries stores; I just didn’t have it in me to head to the library as well. BUT, when we do go this week I want to look for ‘If I Ran the Rain Forest’ by Dr. Seuss. Does it get any better than Dr. Seuss? No, no it does not.

Eat It

We talked about the different animals & reptiles that live in the rainforest and what they eat, then chowed down on some bananas. I TRIED to talk about what the rainforest gives us, in terms of foods & medicines but I think we had maxed out on attention span for one day.  I do love this Mixed Up Chameleon Snack Mix from SugarAunts so we may attempt this later in the week if we can find ‘The Mixed Up Chameleon’ by Eric Carle at the library as well.

Play It

  • Play It is sometimes a board game and sometimes just about moving and burning off some energy. We tried out some Rainforest Yoga from Pink Oatmeal. Today would mark the first time in my life that I have attempted yoga, so I was grateful for the video they shared showing off the moves.

So that was Rainforest Learning Day! As always, I find most of my material on Pinterest, so feel free to follow me here.


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