Free Books?!?


If I had to make a short list of traits I want my children to have/be, loving to read would be on it. I love to read and I love to write (hence, this blog). I think that these go hand in hand. It’s a bit like the egg & chicken; I don’t think you can be a strong writer if you don’t at least like to read and I think being an avid reader makes you a stronger writer. Being able to clearly articulate your thoughts and make a persuasive argument in written word is something that can be applied to almost any occupation. No, all occupations.

So, I fill my home with books. I am a teacher’s best friend. Put a Scholastic Reading Club flyer in my mailbox and I will order half a dozen books. I can’t help myself. Usborne Books & More, forgetaboutit- it’s probably an addiction at this point. Those $5 books at the checkout stand at Kohls, get in my cart!

And do you know what is better than children’s books? FREE children’s books!

You might have heard about it… and may have thought it wasn’t real or must have a catch, but really- no catch: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. I signed Annie up when she was just a couple months old and sure enough, a book has arrived in our mailbox every month since. Absolutely free- no spam in my inbox, no future purchase required, no solicitation phone calls or follow-up surveys. Just awesome, awesome books. Well, some are more awesome then others, but they are high quality board books like you would get at any store.

Now, how does this work? Go to their website & register your child. It may not be available in your area, in which case bummer. And I’m not 100% certain on child requirements, for example Annie qualified but Bryan did not. (Maybe he was too old at the time?) BUT, it’s 100% worth a moment of your day to find out.

Do you receive books from the Imagination Library? What has been your favorite thus far?



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